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With a little bit of patience and persistence, the tips, tricks, and resources outlined in this article should have you swimming in link juice in no time. What are some of your best practices for building link equity? Let us know in the comments below! .

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The authority of the linking website Is the link on an authoritative website? This is likely the biggest factor in the quality of a link. Back in the day, it was called “Page, Rank.” It’s Google’s own metric for determining the authority (credibility) of a website. Websites with better link popularity (higher quantity and quality of links) have higher Page, Rank and more authority.

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Here’s a list of SEO tools and the names for their respective metrics for authority: And here’s what the reports look like within each tool: Moz: Domain Authority SEMRush: Domain Score Alexa: Competitive Power Ahrefs: Domain Rating They are all basically the same, so use whichever you’d like! For a free version, you can install Moz, Bar as a Chrome Extension, which allows you to see Domain Authority for any site you visit.

This doesn’t mean that a “nofollow” link is worthless. It may still get clicked and send visitors your way. There’s more to life than SEO link value! 3. The number of outgoing links on that page Is the link on a page with dozens of outgoing links? If so, this reduces the value of each link on the page.

The page on your site that it links to Is the link to a deeper interior page on your site? And not just the homepage? If so, that link is more valuable to your search rankings. Homepages are almost always the most linked-to, more authoritative page on a website. It’s already got plenty of links.

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SEO tools have reports that show which URLs are linked to how many times. They’ll show you if you have a site that is top-heavy with links and authority. 5. The text within the link Does the link text contain a keyphrase? Or does it just say “click here” or “read more” or the company name? SEOs debate about this.

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Then it looked like too much of this was a bad thing, as sites with “over-optimized keyphrase-focused backlink profiles” were penalized. Later, Googler John Mueller tweeted that it might be helpful: For the record, studies show a low statistical correlation between keyphrases in link text and high rankings for that phrase.

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SEO tools have reports that show the link text within all the links to your website. They’ll show you if you have a very low number of keyphrase-focused links. If so, a few more would likely be helpful. 6. The diversity of the sources of links Is the link from a site that has linked to you many times already? If so, it is likely less valuable than a link from a website that has never linked to you before.

As if Google says “I got it. Ok. This site likes you.” Here’s a very unscientific chart that describes those diminishing returns (and the importance of a diverse source of links), an idea shared by a lot of SEOs. This is something to think about if you are considering becoming a columnist for a digital publication.

The relevance of the linking website Is the link from a site relevant to your content or your industry? If so, that’s probably good. Most SEOs believe that links from unrelated blogs are less valuable. It’s best to be known and mentioned by those in your neighborhood. Other possible factors in SEO link quality …so they say Ask a dozen SEOs and you’ll get a dozen more answers.

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Is the link from a website with a spammy reputation? Links from sites considered to be spammy are bad. And speaking of spam and negative factors… Are some links bad for your rankings? Short answer: probably not. It is possible that some websites are seen as so spammy and toxic that a link from them could somehow hurt your website’s credibility.