Website & Campaign Packages

Don’t let the word packages mislead you — our services are highly customized

Do you want to save money on advertising while increasing quality leads? Does the new iOS15 Update have you pulling your hair out? We got you.

Brought in 32 deals worth over 5k/month for a personal injury attorny in Brooklyn -- this was achieved in just over 1 month. The ROI was huge.


Business consultant where we dropped their Cost per acquisition by around 48%, with lead costs low as $0.61


Annuity advisor where we dropped their cost per lead by 92% just by using our own in-market data.

4 Types of Digital Marketing Services to Boost & Scale

We customize our solutions to your business needs. A consultation is highly recommended to determine if we will be a good fit to work together.

Website design & Development

WordPress Website Design

Our team can handle any kind of build on WordPress.

  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Copywriting
  • QA & Analytics Setup
  • eCommerce & Integrations
  • Customized Forms
  • Software Integration


Specialized for eCommerce

Ad Campaigns & Sales Funnels

Fix all the Facebook tracking due to the IOS15 Update and lower your costs by around 30%

  • Market research & testing
  • Landing Page Audits
  • Optimization & re-targeting
  • Client & Account Management


SEO & Market Data Services

I can build out and manage organic assets that generate up to 25,000 to 100,000 visitors every month, then convert these into leads.

  • Audits
  • In-Market Data
  • Re-targeting & market testing
  • Consultations 
  • White label 


Every website will be built with:

There are parts of a website build that are required and some that we like to throw in as bonus for our clients. The basic options are all setup on every website and can be scaled easily.

SEO Optimization

Every website gets the basic foundations of local SEO to make the website faster and to ensure you’ll be found on all the major search engines.

One-on-One Designer Interaction

All of our website designers are local and we enjoy talking to our clients. We text, Zoom, email, and Skype — we’re easy to reach.

Best Practice UX Design

There’s nothing worse than getting a website you and your users can’t navigate. We are focused on providing a website that not only functions like it should, but is simple to use as well.

Security for Ultimate Protection

We make sure your website is protected against Malware, DDOS attacks, Blacklisting, Defacement, and more. Our hosting packages include extra layers of added protection.

Get Personalized IT & Website Support

Ekho Creative provides personalized IT support with every website package. No matter what package you choose, you'll have 24/7 access to our expert technicians who will help you with anything and everything related to your website.

Contacting support is easy, and we are constantly adding documentation to our Help Center.

Best Practice in Website Development

Web design is more than just an attractive face. When planning your website's aesthetics, you have to take into consideration ease-of-use and navigation as well — not only will it be easy for visitors but also beneficial in keeping them on site so they can see what else there is at hand!

We've got some great tips about WordPress Web Design including best practices that'll help ensure quality work across all aspects of your website. We are also available to coach a staff member in how to update the website.

Our team is highly experienced with best practice web development processes and we are backed by the best software in the industry.

10+ Years Helping Local Businesses

COVID-19 has really thrown a wrench in a lot of local business plans. We’re here to help.

We pledge a percentage of our profits to local business charities to aid in getting start-ups and hard-hit businesses back on their feet.


Do you have a question about WordPress? We're always glad to help. Below are the top questions we receive about WordPress, but if you don't see what you're looking for, reach out to us in the Help Center.

Is WordPress SEO friendly?

WordPress is SEO-friendly, but it won’t do all the work for you. WordPress was designed to be simple and easy to use so that bloggers could easily manage their blogs without having any technical experience in web design or coding  however just moving your blog onto WordPress likely won't change how search engines rank pages on a website.

How can I speed up my WordPress website?

There are lots of ways you can speed up your WordPress website. The most common is to install speed optimizing plugins, upgrade your PHP, invest in better hosting, and scale your images to web resolution.

We use a paid speed optimization plugin along with ensuring your WordPress is configured properly.

Will too many plugins slow down my WordPress website?

There is no simple yes/no answer this one. It really depends on what kind of plugins you're using, whether they're up to date or not, whether they are compatible with each other, and the quality of the plugins themselves.

During our WordPress website audit, we review the plugins and make suggestions to improve the overall function of your website.

How can I make sure my website is secure?

There are some quick ways to ensure you have the foundation of a secure website: you could use strong passwords for all your user accounts, avoid installing pirated downloads of themes or plugins, create backups of your website, and update your WordPress installation.

We equip all our websites with a paid version of Wordfence as well as configure WordPress in a way that makes it more difficult for malware to take advantage of holes in your security.

What can I do about spam?

Akismet is a great plugin for WordPress websites, created by Automattic (the creators of WordPress). With features like filtering and preventing spam in your website's comments section, it has never been easier to keep things clean.

We also recommend installing a reCaptcha on all forms. Google's reCaptcha v3 is exceptional.

What are the requirements for an e-commerce store?

If you plan on starting an online store, the first thing that should come to mind is purchasing a SSL certificate so your customer data can stay secure.

You'll also want to create pages for Site Use & Privacy Terms as well as Refund Policy in addition to filing paperwork required by law where applicable (country/state).