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I have run a media buying agency for 25 years. I have worked with a lot of clients and vendors over the years. I recently hired Ekho to help me with a major drop in sales we experienced due to the changes in ad regulations.

They were able to restore our conversion rates back to the “”good ol’ days”” within the promised 90 day timeframe. It was a huge endeavor that Ashley just ‘tweaked’ and made it seem easy. This is the least of what Ekho has done for my agency. She has helped guide me in many digital endeavors of the business – I have expanded my services, grown my agency beyond what I could have done on my own or with anyone else. I’m able to finally live my life the way I want and work with clients I choose.

Ashley is 100% devoted to the very best services available today for SEO and every single aspect of data-driven SEO. She is accountable, provides clear result reports, and is available to answer all my questions. She integrity and commitment is simply… quite impressive. She is very leading edge for results, performance and for any company to have greater success. Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team! I know I am.

Cora Williams, Five Star Google Review

After a year of interviewing SEO “experts” we went with Ekho. Ashley, their Data Scientist, demonstrated she knew how to leverage our domain to return on its investment. We have campaigns that Ashley has launched and managed that are closing in on 205% ROI!

Ashley is responsive and makes herself accountable to the outcomes. If she is not sure of something, she is always straight-forward about it and offers an alternative approach. She will lose you in the details of her capabilities, and it’s clear she’s passionate about what she’s doing. Speaking with her and learning from her has been an experience in itself, and I’ve never been so happy with an SEO professional before.

Author Morgan, Five Star Google Review

When we decided to re-design our website we decided to go with a different marketing agency, but it was a disaster. The website was beautiful, but it was slow and our rank was slowly declining, so we were losing traffic and sales nearly every week that passed.

I reached out to Ekho to help us out with a website audit to find out what was going on, and within 2 days I had answers and a plan. I was delighted to see how prepared and professional Ashley and her team were. They took the time to explain all the options to us and came up with some creative solutions to achieve our goals while keeping our budget in mind. We’ve since worked with them in different areas of our business and have been very satisfied with the outcomes.

We’ve been working with them for about five months now and I never worry about whether we’ll be getting more customers, because it’s been steady ever since we signed with Ashley. The site is SUPER fast and we’re ranking high in pretty much every location we sell locally at. People are even starting to find us from other locations around the states and buying online.

If you’re looking for a company that is professional, personable, and does an amazing job, I’d recommend Ekho 1000%.

AMM Store, Five Star Google Review

Getting On The Homepage Has Never Been So Easy — Case Studies

Different business owners want different things – what do you want?

30-40% ↑

A health supplement brand experiencing low conversion rates on their website store generated an extra 30-40% monthly recurring revenue. They spent no extra money on ads, they only leveraged the power of their own domain by building organic assets using our strategy.

300% ↑

An musical artist looking to engagement with their followers more hired us to increase their audience size. We grew their organic network through social media and increased their engagement level by 300% all by using the assets they already owned to get noticed.

6% ↑

A SAAS company requiring more users and spending nearly 30k per month in ads were able to increase their website traffic and therefore increase the number of people signing up for their service by utilizing their authority over their specific niche.

70% of searches use more than 3 words

“free seo audit online”
“best digital marketing agency”
“small business seo campaigns”
… as some examples

Only 49% of businesses invest in SEO

Plenty of opportunity to scale your strategy and become #1 in your industry

75% of consumers don’t go past the first page

70% of the 3.5 billion searches made… that’s a lot of missed opportunity

You Already Own Your Domain.
Now It’s Time To Leverage It.

Book a time to meet and we’ll show you how:

Only 14% Of Consumers Pay Attention To Paid Ads Online

Our tiered approach allows for companies to grow correctly. Your digital domain is valuable like real estate. Ever notice when you update your website that your analytics takes a nose dive?

There’s a right and wrong way to do SEO, and it changes all the time. We’re on top of it.

If the 1st page results knew what we did, they’d be scared.

✓ Build brand awareness
✓ Establish a base market
✓ Know your audience
✓ Get found for long-tail keywords
✓ Begin building backlinks
✓ Build unlimited assets for your domain

Keyword Research

We start with doing our own market and keyword research. This includes an indepth look at your competitors, your current ranking, and a website audit.

Content Creation

We write all our own content based on the research we found within your market.

After taking stock of what you do and don’t want to rank for, we write competitive articles to index on search engines.

Dripped Publishing

We publish the content over a period of 75 days. The index rate is about 60%, which means of the 10,000 pages that get published about 6000 will rank.

Target URLs

Choose your desired domain and we’ll build content for it over a period of 3 months.

We recommend 1 domain to start, but if your campaign grows we can also add your Google My Business, social media profiles, and other URLs you’d like to be found on.

Comparative Analytics

Numbers have no meaning if they aren’t compared to previous records.

We ask for any analytics accounts, so we can carefully monitor your domain’s progress and ensure the campaign is performing as expected. 


Scaling & Review

On our monthly check-in’s we assess what is working and what is not.

Our team optimizes the campaign as it simmers, and once things are at their peak there may be room to scale it further.

Did you know only 8% of local Google searches are phrased like questions, which means 92% of people searching already know what they’re looking for

Do you know what your business is ranking for?
✓ Dominate a niche market
✓ Compete on the first page
✓ Get found by an ideal clientele
✓ Beat out competitors for keywords
✓ Collect an audience of warm leads
✓ Customized campaigns for every market
✓ Includes all of the above processes

Our partners enable us to provide incredible support

Understand Domain Equity & How To Build It

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be offering an invite-only SEO masterclass in the Fall of 2022.

Sessions will be in-person with our Founder and a data scientist to go over what you need to do to get your business ranking.

If you’re interested in gaining early access to this program and would like to be notified when we are offering it, please complete the form.

Did you know 61% of B2B marketers report that SEO and organic traffic generate more leads than any other marketing initiative

Do you know what your business is ranking for?
✓ Dominate a niche market
✓ Compete on the first page
✓ Get found by an ideal clientele
✓ Beat out competitors for keywords
✓ Collect an audience of warm leads
✓ Customized campaigns for every market
✓ Includes all of the above processes


How long does an SEO campaign take to see results?

We start seeing human results in 3-6 months. Depending on the market, it could be faster than that but we like to set realistic expectations for our clients. Often backlink building happens in the first 3 months, and you may see an uptick in bot traffic during this time, but rarely do you see human users until the campaign matures.

What are turnaround times like?

Our SEO campaigns get off the ground in 48 hours. We launch the first of the content in the first week, and drip the rest over a period of 75 days.

How will I know if my SEO is getting better?

We can tell within the first 2-3 weeks if a campaign will perform well. Within this time we are constantly monitoring it to make sure it's getting the attention of Google's bot traffic.

If we see there is no bot traffic in the first 2-3 weeks, then we try producing new content with juicier keywords at no additional cost.

Are you experts in our industry?

No. We are not niched in any specific industry. We believe that our campaigns bring value regardless of their market because our tactics are so versatile.

Also, since we work with many different industries, we may connect certain clients to eachother to provide added value. For example, we may connect an equipment rental company to a financial lender; or a dealership to a software company that builds car apps.

What does communication look like?

We operate within regular business hours, and are in the process of creating a hub for clients to meet and network (still in development).

Our own communication is primarily through Zoom, email, text, phone, and the occasional owl post. Our calendars have dedicated client space so getting a hold of us at any point is a painless process.

Will I have a dedicated rep?

You will have a maximum of 2 points of contact. These will either be the sales representative you spoke to, our project manager, or the data scientist in charge of your campaign.

The project manager or sales rep will always be available to answer any questions and follow up with resources you request. The data scientist will provide monthly campaign updates, reports and offer suggestions moving forward.

How should I contact you?

Our inbox and phone lines are always monitored on weekdays from 8am to 5pm PST. The best way to reach your project manager or data scientist is via email, or to book an appointment on our calendar (we provide a dedicated link on kickoff).

Are there any contracts or minimums?

Yes. Since SEO is a long-play strategy we require a minimum commitment of 3 months. This way we can track progress over the course of those months and compare them to any data you had previously.

What is your onboarding process?

After the initial call in which you decide to move forward, we book a Teck Call or as some call it a Kickoff call. This is a 45 minute meeting where we ask for access to any accounts or analytics that we require, and make sure everyone has everything they need to move forward. This is a perfect time to ask last minute questions, confirm the keywords that were found in the market research, and set the first check-in about 4-6 weeks in advance.

Who don't you work with?

Due to the nature of our SEO campaigns, we refrain from working with politicians and religious organizations.