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Never miss the chance to earn a link to your website, but don’t obsess over link building. Anything you do purely for the sake of a link, without any consideration for humans, is spam.

Cash, Equity means shares in a company. It’s common for startups to use equity in the form of stock options to lure early employees who have the hopes of striking it rich. For example, early employees at companies like Facebook and Google made a mint when those companies went public.

Giving equity in lieu of cash helps companies keep their burn low and hold them over until they can raise (or earn) more money. Paying for Domain Names with Equity, Most aftermarket domain name sales are for cash. But some companies have creatively offered equity to acquire domain names. One example is Uber.

com. Universal Music previously invested in a company that used the domain Uber. com. The company failed, so Universal Music owned the dormant domain name. When the ride-hailing company came knocking, Universal was willing to sell them the domain. However, this was during Uber’s early days, and the company didn’t have much cash to throw around.

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The equity at that time was valued at $107,148. When Uber went public this year that equity was worth a staggering $532 million!Unfortunately for Universal Music, it decided to sell its shares in Uber many years ago. It still did well—selling for $863,000—but it missed out on a lot of money by selling its shares early.

That’s what domain investor Michael Cyger did when he sold Brew. com. He took cash plus a stake in the startup he sold the domain to. He thinks the deal will ultimately net him over a million dollars. But if Brew. com fails, as so many startups do, he still received a nice amount of cash for the sale.

That way if the equity becomes worthless they still have the domain name. Other Considerations, Selling a domain name for cash is simple. Equity adds complexity to the deal. Before selling a domain name for equity, be sure to: Owning equity in a privately-held company isn’t like owning shares in a public company.

Equity-for-domain deals are usually private arrangements. The Uber. com deal has thrown them back into the limelight. What would you have done if an early stage startup called Uber inquired about buying your domain name?.

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is the value that a site provides another site with a follow backlink to that site to increase organic rankings on Google. The challenge is determining the value of this site’s follow link since there are various metrics and algorithms used in efforts to define this value and ultimately Google is the final authority.

In non-technical terms, link juice is a frequently used term that minimizes the sophistication of this analysis. Google started with Page, Rank (PR) which is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank web pages in their search engine results. Page, Rank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages.

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The underlying assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites. Currently, Page, Rank is not the only algorithm used by Google to order search results, but it is the first algorithm that was used by the company. There are several other tools that provide insights on valuing the number and quality of links and here are two leading sources: offers Authority Score – a metric in Backlink Analytics that will assess a particular referring domain’s overall quality and show how beneficial a backlink from this source would be.

offers Ahrefs Rank (AR) which ranks all the websites in their database by the size and quality of their backlink profiles — basically, by their DR. The more and higher-quality backlinks a website has, the higher its DR is, and the closer its AR is to #1. Ahrefs Rank #1 belongs to the website with the strongest backlink profile (), #2 belongs to the second strongest (Twitter.

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com), and so on for over 200 million websites. Domain Rating (DR) shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile compared to the others in our database on a 100-point scale. It is essentially a less granular version of Ahrefs Rank (AR). When a domain’s DR is higher, more “link juice” is transferred to linked domains.

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It is the number of follow links that a site provides other sites. Assuming any of the values provided by the discussed companies, it is essential to determine the number of follow links going to other sites. A simple example makes the point:If one follow link is given to only one site, this site gets 100% of the link equity.