Affiliate Marketing Does Work Anymore… Right? This Is How EKHO Utilized Organic Traffic To Drop Ad Costs & Increase MRR By 38% in 20 Days

Case Study

Our Affiliate Marketer Used To Gross 20K/mo Before The Facebook & iOS15 Updates


When we connected with the affiliate, they were experiencing lowering revenue as their margins dried up and they started dumping more money into ads. They ran market testing, changed audiences, and were even considering changing their offer.

They were about to abandon affiliate marketing due to low profits and decided to give our strategy a try as a last attempt.

We reviewed their setup and determined there were several things contributing to the low conversion rates, and it didn’t all have to do with the updates. Without wasting time, we established a plan and got to work.


Offer Refinement

Funnel Building

User Research

Conversion Optimization

Data Analysis

Too Many Holes In The Bucket — They Couldn’t Plug The Leaks Without Help


We reviewed their landing page and found that it was not optimized and lacked a compelling call to action.

They had solely relied on the landing page that was built by ClickBank, but it didn’t have very good ratings on its own. Typically, this would have been fine, but as it was the last touchpoint for a customer it was essential to ensure there was a little friction getting their as possible and once there, the customer’s next steps were clear.

They were running out of money to spend on ads, which is where all of their traffic came from.

This problem was immediately apparent when we reviewed the analytics. The drop in traffic coming in from their ads and the increased CPM to $43/click was killing them.

They had no system in place to remarket to bring shoppers back and no follow up to encourage returning customers to buy again

The user journey from ad click to sales funnel felt broken and only partially established. They were getting traffic to the page, but they had no ability to capture that traffic into email lists, and no setup to remarket to them.

A Restructure Of The Sales Journey Nurtured & Encouraged Customers Through A Natural Starting Point From Search To Checkout

The Process & Insight

Established An Organic Network To Drive Traffic Instead of Ads

Our Goober, the proprietary network builder we use to setup thousands of articles every day, started warming an organic campaign. We cast a net across all search engines for keywords related to the product, both query and solution based. This resulted in 23,000 new visitors to their affiliate page in under 30 days.

Installed An ID Resolution Pixel On All The Touchpoints So We Could Track The User Through the Journey & Remarket To Them

Our ID resolution pixel utilizes data from (our data aggregate partner who owns a proprietary identity graph with over 33 billion segmented identities (only in US). It is able to resolve up to 40% of any traffic wherever the pixel exists.

Lowered Their Ad Spend By Utilizing Advanced Audiences & Data To Target The Right Buyer

The combination of traffic generation and ID resolution helped to create lookalike audiences of people who were searching for their product. Using this information we were able to lower their CPM by $16/click within the first 20 days.

Month 3 — Results:

Their product page appears at the top of Google for many long-tail keywords, making it easy to find and buy.

The new customer journey has little friction, meaning the customer is nurtured and learns about the product on the way through to the shop.

The combination of organic traffic, optimized sales funnel, and remarketing tactics has increased their monthly revenue by 38% and they are nearing the 20K/mo mark once more, this time without running ads.

Improved Customer Journey

Optimized The Sales Funnel

Established A Reliable Source Of Traffic

Lowered CPM By $16/click

Increased MRR By 38%

Built A Reward Program For Customers